October 3, 2021

Lost In Grey is a rather superior symphonic metal band from Finland which was formed in 2013 by the singer, keyboard player and song writer Harri Koskela (Thaurorod) and vocalist Anne Lill Rajala. They recruited well and hit the ground running with the excellently received debut The Grey Realms in 2017 with 2019’s The Waste Land building and developing on all of the good work set down by the first record.

We now come to the third album which is a dark and thrilling Gothic metal delight and we are now starting to see the band virtually ready to scale the enormous heights that their fellow countrymen have done with the always pleasing Nightwish. Described as theatrical metal, surely all of the female fronted symphonic metal bands fall into the same category, but I understand what they mean as there is a definite sound of the theatre about the band with its huge, epic scores and amazing choral dexterity which mixes clean, dark and soprano vocals quite amazingly and they manage this rather difficult balancing act with great aplomb. The line-up on all three albums has been remarkably consistent with the musicians involved in Under The Surface being Harri Koskela on vocals and keyboards, Anne Lill Rajala on vocals, Emily Leone on vocals and violin, Aapo Lindberg on bass, Miika Haavisto and Jarno Suodenjoki on guitars and Teppo Ristola on drums. Together they combine perfectly to produce a wonderfully orchestral and melodious symphonic rock with thrilling vocals telling a great story and the two sopranos are just out of this world.

Some works have that touch of magic that raises them above the ordinary and this is such an album with each additional play unleashing new and exciting facets to the score and this truly is a record that just keeps giving. It is soaring, epic and ethereal yet retains a darker edge to provide a thrilling counter-point to the proceedings. Those who know the band already will be enthralled by the latest work from a prodigiously talented team of musicians and those yet to discover their delights are highly recommended to give this album a listen and I guarantee that you will want to hear more and more. The tracks are beautifully written and played to perfection and are as ambitious as anything you will hear in symphonic metal. The track running order builds up the tension and epic scale throughout the album which then closes with the beautiful three-part epic that is Stardust which is worth the price of the album alone, truly amazing!

Under The Surface track list

  1. I (2:46)
  2. Disobedience (4:21)
  3. Waves (7:40)
  4. Shine (5:04)
  5. Varjo (5:39)
  6. Souffrir (9:48)
  7. Stardust – I. The Race (7:12)
  8. Stardust – II. Sandcastles (6:43)
  9. Stardust b- III. The Abyss