October 11, 2020

Lost Legacy is a New York power metal band with around 22-years experience but, strangely, In The Name Of Freedom is only the band’s second release in all this time. The debut, The Aftermath was released as far back as 2009 so a new album is something to be treasured. I’m not sure why the lack of activity in the recording studio as this is a prime example of near perfect power metal with just enough progressive metal to make them stand out with influences from bands like Metal Church and Savatage as well as the progressiveness might of Shadow Gallery.

The band line-up is quite different from the debut with what looks like just the two original members remaining in vocalist David Franco and guitarist Scott Bennett and they are now joined by Jochen Wittlinger on bass, Jorge Pulido on guitar and AJ Spinelli on drums. Tom Tulotta guests on keyboards and guitar on My Faith and Rich Chiarello plays the piano on the short but lovely album opener Rise To Glory before the album busts into life with the aforementioned My Faith. Franco has a most sonorous voice that is very pleasing and this gives the feeling of Shadow Gallery but, in truth, it is the outstanding guitar work on the album that makes you sit up and take notice. Pulido and Bennett make a great twin attack team in the best traditions of Priest, Lizzy, Primal Fear and Accept and when they are unleashed then the band becomes a heavy metal behemoth.

In The Name Of Freedom is a quite brilliant and very heavy power metal album, a little rough around the edges for sure but this album was not made to be slick but to blow your head off, which it does and then some!

In The Name Of Freedom track list

  1. Rise To Glory (1:56)
  2. My Faith (8:04)
  3.  Front Line (4:30)
  4. In The Name Of Freedom (8:09)
  5. Take Me Away (5:28)
  6. Enough Is Enough (5:16)
  7. Will You Remember (6:13)
  8. Rules Of Engagement (6:10)