June 8, 2021

Self styled dirt rockers Lost Relics hail from Denver and only formed in 2019 with this five track EP being the band’s debut release.

The group has a very heavy, bass driven sound which makes great use of distortion and lots of angry and intense riffs as the band rails against the world and everything in it, this is a band with attitude and then some. They are not happy and delight in telling just how screwed up everything in and, at times, it is not too hard to disagree with their sentiments. This is rock to be played in disgruntled peoples bedrooms, basements, dens and hideouts as they await the apocalypse and the sound and delivery is so loud and low frequency that you could actually end up missing the ultimate destruction as Lost Relics deliver the almost perfect distraction. Think Primus with real balls and dark attitude as the band delivers an avalanche of drums and bass with angry and furious guitars buzzing like a hive of very agitated bees. It is a sound that gets into your head, hitting your lower register and almost paralyzes you with the sheer enormity of the wall of sound that they produce.

Driving this forward are the dark, deep and dirty vocals that give the music so much kudos and credibility. You want to start a revolution then invite Lost Relics to the party, light the touch paper and wait for the fireworks. Be warned, this is deep and intense but also thrilling and revelatory and probably not for the faint of heart but the band and the music demand to be heard and we have to obey.

Now We’re Even track list

  1. Unrealistic Cause (3:43)
  2. Hungry Noses & Lying Voices (4:57)
  3. Rope Pusher (6:16)
  4. Now We’re Even (3:40)
  5. Low Life ‘n’ Ugly People (6:35)