July 25, 2023

I love challenging and complex music but there are times when you need something that instantly hits the spot and is, effectively, comfortable and easy listening. I do not mean anything derogatory by this, simply that you often need a shot of fine, high-quality rock and roll that surrounds you like a comfortable, warm safety blanket!

Step forward new band Love In Chains which has released an exceptionally fine melodic hard rock delight with music that comes with that retro, straight out of the 1980’s vibe but given the modern treatment that makes the music so vibrant and alive. This new outfit was put together initially as a studio project by SteelCity guitarist Mike Floros along with the Apocalyptic Lovers vocalist Rob Kane with additional instrumentation and vocals from Ty Sims and Erik Johnson and together they have put out a very special album indeed. The record is a perfectly written and stunningly recorded melodic rock delight with influences culled from some of the truly great bands ranging through Def Leppard, L.A. Guns, Dokken, Stryper, Van Halen, Boston and Kiss which helps make for an awesome sound.

Kane is a wonderful, classic rock vocalist and will amaze with his power and range whilst the guitar work of Floros is quite simply off the scale. What was a project has now morphed into a real, live band with fellow SteelCity bassist Jason Cornwell coming onboard and joining the newly recruited drummer Brian Karl who has cut his musical teeth with bands like Station and West Bound. They sound like the perfect team and I’m sure they are going to serve up some pretty incendiary shows so you really need to get along to see them if you are lucky enough to have them perform in your area.

If you thought that they didn’t make quality rock like they did in the 80’s then think again and give Everyday Heroes a spin as this is a record that satisfies on every level, a sheer triumph.

Everyday Heroes

  1. Locked And Loaded (2:48)
  2. Less Than Zero (5:22)
  3. Cherry Wine (4:15)
  4. Darkness Falls (3:43)
  5. Everyday Heroes (4:42)
  6. Rain (3:51)
  7. Overdose (4:42)
  8. Down To The Wire (3:29)
  9. Without You (5:23)
  10. Love Gun (3:44)
  11. Wildfire (3:56)