December 27, 2019

As most of you will probably know, American Tony Harnell was the vocalist with the brilliant Norwegian melodic rock band TNT and he had several stints with them before leaving for the last time (possibly… but you never quite know) in 2017. TNT have survived numerous line-up changes over the years with guitarist Ronni Le Tekro remaining the only original member and it is perhaps opportune to remember that the late and great vocalist Tony Mills of Shy fame was a replacement for Harnell between 2006 and 2013. Sadly, Mills lost his battle with pancreatic cancer and left this world last September, a superb singer and sadly missed by all.

Thankfully, TNT continues and remains the great band we all know but we also now have a continuation of Harnell’s solo works to enjoy. He has released several solo albums as well as great records as the voice of Westworld and Starbreaker and to that glowing list we can now add Lovekillers. Harnell is joined by a most talented team in Gianluca Ferro on guitar, the supremely talented Alessandro Del Vecchio on bass and keyboards with Edo Sala on drums and it shows what a roster of talent the Frontiers label can call on. Harnell is the main man of the project and his vocals are truly extraordinary with his 4 octave range and he delivers so much power that it is staggering. His tone is perfect and he has a control and delivery that is second to none even when screaming in high pitched frenzy or delivering the most sublime of ballads. We all know what gravitas Del Vecchio brings to a project and his contributions cannot be over looked and neither can the guitar of Gianluca Ferro, a sublime genius who has the talent to be ranked as one of the greats.

This is big rock and very much inspired by the glorious ’80s melodic rock bands but very much modern sounding and proof, if any where needed, that Tony Harnell is one of the greatest vocalists around and I fervently hope that there is more to come from Lovekillers as this team has the potential and magic to become huge, if there is any justice in this world of ours.