November 18, 2022

Hegemonikon-A Journey To The End Of Light Set For Release On November 25th

Luxembourg musician Jerome Reuter is set to release his new album Hegemonikon-A Journey To The End Of Light with his band ROME on November 25th, 2022 via Trisol Music Group. ROMEs 17th album and holds a few daring surprises: On this new album, the influences of electronica and new wave have shaped ROME’s trademark guitar-based dark folk into a new beast by adding a subtle touch of post-punk synth-rock to the mix.

The tracklist reads like this:

  1. A Slaughter Of Crows
  2. No Second Troy
  3. Icarus Rex
  4. Surely Ash
  5. On The Slopes Of Mount Malamatiyah
  6. Walking The Atlal
  7. Hearts Mend
  8. The Ripping Of The Veil
  9. Solar Caesar
  10. Stone Of Light-Mer De Glace
  11. New Flags

ROME can be experienced live on the following dates:

November 24th 2022 / Stuttgart, Germany // Club Cann
November 25th 2022 / Nuremberg, Germany // Club Stereo
November 26th 2022 / Zwickau, Germany // Mithras Garden Festival
November 27th 2022 / Leipzig, Germany // Moritzbastei
November 29th 2022 / Berlin, Germany // Quasimodo
November 30th 2022 / Poznan, Poland // U Bazyla
December 1st 2022 / Warsaw, Poland // Hydrozagadka
December 2nd 2022 / Krakow, Poland // Hype Park
December 4th 2022 / Budapest, Hungary // Dürer Kert
December 6th 2022 / Fiorano Modenese, Italy / Teatro Astoria
December 7th 2022 / Turin, Italy // Ziggy Club
December 8th 2022 / Aargau, Switzerland // Musigburg
December 10th 2022 / Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg / / Kulturfabrik
February 15th 2023 / Lviv, Ukraine / TBA
February 18th 2023 / Kyiv, Ukraine / TBA

Ever since the band’s inception by Luxembourg-born mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Jerome Reuter in 2005, ROME has displayed a resilience and constitution found only in Olympic athletes when it comes to releasing hard-hitting, bullet-proof albums every single year.

Chanson noir, post-industrial, avant-pop, new folk, singer-songwriter… it takes a whole lot of neologisms to try and describe the band’s musical style. In 2022, ROME demonstrates yet again how to chameleon yourself into a fresh new form by introducing electronic musical elements by way of analogue synthesizers, without losing the strength of its true and strong self.

ROME thrives on the concept of the free-space, an anarchic area of experimentation dedicated to the dark yet joyous celebration of life. ROME is the beast of the under-current, dominated by an affection for that which cannot be pressed into a form, for wild growth, for the willingly chaotic urge to go out into the open and the aversion to confinement. ROME sets its sails to new horizons, to the frontier. In short: to life!

The album delivers iconic, synth-driven hymns like No Second Troy, Solar Caesar and Hearts Mend, by which ROME enhances its already vast sonic universe. Hegemonikon is steeped in high drama, each track spilling into the next like a dystopian opera. From the sampled poetic snippets of the opening A Slaughter of Crows, to the ethereal words of Stone of Ligh’, voices play an integral role in the album’s theatrical aura.

With its themes of defiance, the holy and the vertical, this masterpiece is a new landmark for the band. What keeps ROME relevant is its constant dealings with matters of the European soul in an ever-changing modern world. What separates their wheat from the chaff of their peers is the deeply poetic nature of its lyrics and music.

Hegemonikon is a bold musical statement and demonstrates that ROME, in its 17th year of existence, is not content to coast on the coattails of their back catalogue but is able to surprise its vast audience with another hard-hitting album made of anthemic songs.

To life!