November 1, 2021

Those with long enough memories may recall the Swedish hard melodic rock band with the rather odd name of M.ILL.ION which was formed in 1989 and released seven rather fine rock albums before splitting in 2014.

The band was formed by bassist B J Laneby being a hard working musician with a definite plan for success and he was quite happy to switch the line-up regularly to get the sound that he wanted which was a hybrid of the big stadium rock bands of the time in Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy UFO and the glamour of Queen which made for quite a heady sound. However, he was struck down by a serious illness in 2014 which forced him to step back from the limelight and to reflect upon his life which meant cutting back on his workload and the mothballing of M.ILL.ION but he did start up a new band in Major Instinct.

Thankfully, Laneby now seems to have the all clear and has resurrected M.ILL.ION which is great news for the fans of the band and there were a great deal of them. Laneby has brought back a number of original members in Hans Dalzon on vocals, CT Rohdell on guitar and Marcus Berglund on keyboards with Laneby playing bass and guitar with a couple of new guys in Henrik Andersson on lead Guitar and Magnus Rohdell on drums. Together, they have produced Back On Track a sort of hybrid album that features a mixture of old music, some re-recorded stuff and several new tracks. As the album release was going to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the release of the band’s debut album, simply entitled Number 1, the band decided to release an alternate compilation which mostly concentrates on the bands three earliest albums. The album features 15 mainly killer cuts with three brand new songs that follow the M.ILL.ION template perfectly, two re-recordings with new arrangements, some rare material and remixes of early album cuts so this is a neat re-introduction to the world of M.ILL.ION and sets the stage for a brand new album which must surely come soon.

Back On Track is an interesting retrospective with a look at the future too for this fine Swedish melodic rock band which always seems as its best when it gets just that little bit dirty. Nice to see B J Laneby back and in good health, long may he continue to rock.

Back On Track

  1. Back On Track (4:23)
  2. Rising (3:05)
  3. Circle Of Trust (4:23)
  4. 90-60-90 (3:59)
  5. Sign Of Victory (4:15)
  6. Judgement Day (4:11)
  7. Eye Of The Storm (4:22)
  8. Narrow Mind Land (3:44)
  9. Lovely Eyes (4:27)
  10. Burn In Hell (3:01)
  11. Doctor Lööv (3:35)
  12. Mother Earth (3:26)
  13. Get Down To Biz (3:35),
  14. Tear Down The Walls (3:09)
  15. Candyman (2:57)