October 21, 2019

Birmingham’s own heavy rock veterans Magnum will be back with a brand new studio album next January, called The Serpent Rings. The album, which will be released by SPV on January 17th, comes almost exactly two years after the hugely successful Lost On The Road To Eternity.

Here is the tracklist:

  1. Where Are You Eden?
  2. You Can’t Run Faster Than Bullets
  3. Madman Or Messiah
  4. The Archway Of Tears
  5. Not Forgiven
  6. The Serpent Rings
  7. House Of Kings
  8. The Great Unknown
  9. Man
  10. The Last One On Earth
  11. Crimson On The White Sand

The cover artwork is once again painted by Rodney Matthews. You can see the first confirmed tour dates for 2020, as well as details for the limited edition release. More details to follow soon.