April 30, 2023

Hunt The Flame is album number four under the name of Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall which was a project began by the Swedish multi-instrumentalist and producer back in 2013 with all releases following a very much tried and tested route. Karlsson’s name is one that guarantees quality and you only need to check out the records he features on with Primal Fear, The Ferrymen, Last Tribe, Allen-Lande and Starbreaker amongst many others to see that he is a much in demand musician. He delights in power/symphonic metal that incorporates the very best traditions of Swedish, German, British and American metal so you get power and majesty alongside super smooth and slick melodic metal that always delights.

As with earlier Free Fall releases Karlsson plays guitars, bass and keyboards as well as supplying backing vocals. Anders Köllerfors continues on drums having featured on 2020’s We Are The Night and they appear to have developed a real rapport together. However, fans of old will know that the real delight in the band is the wealth of guest vocalists that Karlsson introduces with some truly greats having already appeared on earlier Free Fall albums and this new release is no different with some exceptional singers featured with many being labelmates with the Frontiers label having an endless supply of quality musicians to call upon. Hunt The Flame sees some exquisite vocals from Alexander Strandell of (Art Nation, Crowne), Jakob Samuel (The Poodles), James Durbin (Durbin, Cleanbreak), Kristian Fyhr (Seventh Crystal, Ginevra), James Robledo (Sinner’s Blood, Demons Down), Michael Eriksen (Circus Maximus), Girish Pradhan (Girish And The Chronicles), Raphael Mendes (Icon Of Sin), Terje Haroy (Pryamaze, Mantric Momentum), Jake E (Cyhra), and Antti Railio (Celesty, Diecell, The Wildfire) and that is a list of singers to grace any heavy rock album. Kristian Fyhr also provides backing vocals on Hunt The Flame and Demons Of Our Time and it is amazing how they all work together to make the album a delight with each track seamlessly blending in to the next rather than being separate songs which are simply shoehorned together which is a tap that many musicians often fall into! Magnus Karlsson again impresses with his skill and dexterity with some simply sensational guitar breaks and he is a pretty mean keyboard player too.

If you have heard any of the previous Free Fall albums then you will immediately recognise what is happening here as Karlsson is not about to change a pleasing and winning formula so if you are into melodic power metal with epic and anthemic tracks then this is an ideal album for you. Don’t forget to check out his impressive back catalogue as he has been involved in some quite amazing albums since bursting on to the rock scene and he and his colleagues always deliver big time!

Hunt The Flame

  1. Hunt The Flame (feat Alexander Strandell) (6:10)
  2. You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore (feat Jakob Samuel) (5:32)
  3. Thunder Calls (feat James Durbin) (5:18)
  4. Break Of Dawn (feat Kristian Fyhr) (5:11)
  5. Far From Home (feat James Robledo) (5:05)
  6. Night Bird (feat Michael Eriksen) (4:39)
  7. Holy Ground (feat Girish Pradhan) (5:33)
  8. Following The Damned (feat Raphael Mendes) (5:12)
  9. The Lucid Dreamer (feat Terje Haroy) (4:48)
  10. Demons Of Our Time (feat Jake E) (5:18)
  11. Summoning The Stars (feat Antti Railio) (6:46)