February 29, 2024

Swedish psych-rock wonder band MaidaVale get to release their long-awaited third album Sun Dog on 3rd May (it’s been six years since their last creation Madness Is Too Pure), and give a little taster of the good news with this single Faces (Where is life) out now. The band take the listener straight to the point with the most dance-inducing song of the album, reinforced with additional percussion by Said Ag Ayad (Tinariwen). “It speaks about losing control and the urge to discover life and belonging“, says singer Matilda Roth

The band have always had the ability to capture audiences with their spirited energy ever since starting out on the Stockholm underground scenes a decade ago. They combine neo-psychedelia and krautrock with influences ranging from post-punk, funkadelia and the North African blues, all building into a delectable melting pot of swirling energy.

On the long-awaited third studio album Sun Dog, spellbinders Matilda Roth, Sofia Ström, Linn Johannesson and Johanna Hansson bring the band’s essence – the vibrant interplay, raw vocals, captivating beats and innovative guitar – into a more colourful and ecstatic collection of songs. Still sticking to recording the lion’s share of their music in live takes, the band found a whole new spark in the recording process at Svenska Grammofonstudion with producers Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm (TSOOL, Josefin Öhrn, Håkan Hellström) and György Barocsai, highlighting the band’s strongest characteristics. John Agnello (The Black Angels, Kurt Vile) gives the final touch, guest mixing one of the most prominent songs on the album.

Without losing sight of their bold and experimental krautrock influences, showcased not least in the band’s first two albums Tales From The Wicked West and Madness Is Too Pure, this new release allows the melodies to step further into the spotlight. With Matilda Roth’s stirring yet always dynamic vocal performance at its core, the lyrics explore different aspects of hardship in human interaction and reflect on inner conflicts and yearnings. Sofia Ström’s playful guitar with heavy fuzz and analogue echo makes for a dazzling soundscape, capturing the energy of the band’s highly acclaimed live performances. On the album, influences that can be traced include Can, Dungen, Stereolab, Jefferson Airplane and early Tame Impala.

Sun Dog‘ is the band’s first release on their newly formed record label Silver Dagger.