November 27, 2022

Mantric Momentum is a new project put together by the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Christer Harøy (Divided Multitude, Crossnail) with his cousin and Pyramaze vocalist Terje Harøy with Trial By Fire being the pair’s debut album release. Given the musician’s history then it should really be no surprise that Mantric Momentum is a heavy metal band with power, progressive and symphonic metal influences too. The roots of the band go back a decade but progress was initially slow due to Christer’s involvement in so many other projects but he eventually wrote and released three singles in 2017, 2020 and 2021 on which he played most instruments but also called in several guests to ‘fill out’ the sound with musicians from Beast In Black, Circus Maximus and Fates Warning as well as Ralph Scheepers and Netta Laurenne.

It has been a similar story with Trial By Fire with Harøy playing guitars, bass and drums with power-filled vocals from Terje plus additional work from the likes of Frank Nordeng Røe, Jimmy Hedlund, Lawrence Dinamarca, Magnus Karlsson, Truls Haugen, Ketil A Jensen and Tina Gunnarsson (Hexed) and her work on the album closing (I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena is sensational. Christer Harøy proves to be an excellent songwriter as each track contains all the usual melodic requirements and hooks aplenty to ensure the music hits home immediately with Terje Harøy again showing that he is a metal vocalist of the highest order with so much power at his disposal. Christer is an exceptional musician with his guitar work being phenomenal making this a truly rewarding hard rock album full of delights.

Trial By Fire is such a triumph that I imagine that this is only the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship and, at some stage, I’m sure that the line-up will have to be expanded to make it more of a band than a project. If you are into the hard rock of groups like Demons & Wizards and NorthTale then this is for you as the songs are crunching, churning monsters with huge riffs, searing solos and a vocal masterclass from a singer with so much power that amplification is not really necessary!

Trial By Fire

  1. Tabula Rasa (1:40)
  2. Course Of Fate (4:55)
  3. In The Heart Of The Broken (4:27)
  4. New Horizon (5:35)
  5. Fighter (5:02)
  6. Trial By Fire (5:58)
  7. Final Warning (5:07)
  8. Carry Me (5:34)
  9. In The Eye Of The Hurricane (4:27)
  10. Writing On The Wall (5:44)
  11. Diamond (8:08)
  12. (I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena (bonus track) (4:48)

Trial By Fire by Mantric Momentum is available now to buy and stream on Frontiers Records