May 8, 2021

It was only last year that Mark Spiro released his very entertaining three CD compilation set that covered his career to date and this proved that this musician who normally operates in the background was a vital and truly integral cog in the music industry. For sure, his profile should be higher and definitely deserves to be more in the public eye but, for the moment, his work remains more reserved for his cultish followers yet there will be many out there who have come across his work without actually knowing the name.

Spiro is an American musician, songwriter and producer and he has been involved in album sales over 100 million records worldwide and this includes an incredible 45 Gold and Platinum discs. His credits as a song writer include material for the likes of Bad English, Giant, Cheap trick, Julian Lennon, Heart and John Waite amongst so many others. Alongside this, he has also run his own solo career with a number of quite excellent albums of melodic rock. His genre is, for the most part, AOR for which his smooth and class filled voice is ideal and he is a most fine guitarist, bass player and keyboard player too. The man truly is a musical genius with a sublime voice which is very similar to Michael Bolton so you should expect any number of emotional and soaring ballads.

Spiro was working on this new album when the best of set, 2+3+5, was released and this whetted the appetite for what was to come and, as perhaps should be expected, he has released another cultured and excellently put together AOR album. Actually, there is a definite roots flavour to the album too so what you get is something like and exotic melding of Chris Cross, Andrew Gold and the sublime Guy Clark as Mark Spiro unleashes another set of excellent songs about life in the raw. It is this peep into his soul that reinforces the country rock element and all, mainly, to a melodic rock backing. Mark Spiro plays most of the instruments with able support from Tim Pierce and Gia Sky with the track 7 Billion People also featuring the vocal talents of Julian Lennon.

Traveling Cowboys is a quite sublime and superbly crafted rock album full of delights and, at times, is very moving. It is one of those albums that is suitable for just about every occasion but is wonderful when listed to alone though a good set of headphones. You may not know his name but you most certainly should do and if you are into beautifully written and reflective AOR then this is just for you.

Travelling Cowboys track list

  1. Traveling Cowboys (3:48)
  2. Rolls Royce (4:16)
  3. Vanderpump (3:24)
  4. Going (4:04)
  5. 7 Billion People (Featuring Julian Lennon) (4:09)
  6. Someone Else (3:37)
  7. Kingdom Come (3:25)
  8. I Ain’t Leaving (4:37)
  9. Between The Raindrops (Revisited) (1:38)
  10. Dance (3:07)
  11. Feel Like Me (3:54)
  12. Let The Wind Decide (4:13)
  13. Nothing In Between Us (3:58)
  14. The Fisherman 3 2020 (1:48)
  15. Still (2:37)