October 13, 2022

Yet another new name to me and, again, another in the long list of musicians from Sweden is Martin Rubashov. He is from central Sweden and much inspired by the beautiful and impressive forests of Hälsingland with the local scenery being staggeringly beautiful and, this being Sweden, you are also never far from lakes and the Gulf Of Bothnia is close by too making this a little bit of paradise. Little wonder then that Rubashov writes beautiful, eclectic songs with gorgeous and epic cinematic themes.

Rubashov’s delivery is gentle and deliberately laid back with a fluid and almost sensual tone that is both relaxing and intoxicating. The musical is elemental with a flavour of Swedish folk, definite pop leanings and a delicious progressive undertone that elevates the music to give a truly thrilling vibe that demands that you keep the album on repeat play. Members Of The Green Phlox is one of those paradoxical albums that initially sounds simple with not too much happening musically as you concentrate on the perfect and heavenly voice of Rubashov but extended plays leads you to discovering hidden facets as you discover more and more instrumentation in the background. No instrument really stands out, although Rubashov does make great use of the 12 stringed guitar, but together they work in total harmony with the end result being perfection itself. You pick up on numerous influences in the music and there is a definite Flower Kings/Roine Stolt flavour but you will also be reminded of OK Computer-era Radiohead, Dim Gray, Nosound, Mark Hollis and Tim Bowness. Come on, how can you deny any music that is comparable to those geniuses? This is Rubashov’s fourth album and if the other three are as good as this then the guy is bordering on genius territory because this is an ethereal, beautiful work that is both complex and simple at the same time and fills you with a sense of wonder and delight.

Words can never do justice to music that is seemingly from another dimension and even angelic so you simply must hear it to appreciate the full concept of the work that Martin Rubashov has served up for us.

Members Of The Green Phlox

  1. Pillars (feat Sofia Westlin (4:02)
  2. Kingdom (3:40)
  3. Lights of July (feat Jonas Renkse) (3:45)
  4. Wild Echo (05:35)
  5. Goblin (3:17)
  6. The Night and the Map (3:26)
  7. Hinterland (3:36)
  8. The Path of the Reindeer (5:09)
  9. Bird (3:11)
  10. Nattlandet (7:54)