September 14, 2020

Martin Templum Domini is a band from Barcelona put together by the formidable Carlos Martin, a virtuoso guitarist of remarkable talent just a couple of years ago in 2017. He has brought in the hard working and totally involved pairing of Mario Vico on drums and Ivan Martin on bass to lay the base over which Carlos puts down enticing licks of a neo classical nature. Often, fast and furious, Martin’s playing is extraordinary and very much in the style of those masters Steve Vai, Satriani, Johnson and Petrucci. This is a hugely impressive instrumental rock album on which Domini shows much dexterity as well as amazing speed and skill but all with a sense of melody so that it doesn’t turn into a ‘look how good I am’ album. You can tell there is something of the thinking man about Carlos Martin as this is an instrumental concept album with lofty ambitions being based on Dante’s Divine Comedy with the name of Templum Domini referring to the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem so it is not standard fare by any means. If you are a fan of Vai and gang then you will find lots here to enjoy as this is a fine album from a killer guitarist who has the ability to write some pretty amazing tunes.

Martin Templum Domini track list

  • Inferno (4:05)
  • Paradise (4:53)
  • Through The Hades (3:34)
  • Underworld (4:59)
  • Torn Souls (3:43)
  • The Minos Judgement (6:10)
  • On The Shores Of Styx (6:02)
  • Fallen Angels (3:17)
  • The Frozen Betrayal (6:51)
  • Templum Domini (5:32)