October 26, 2021

MC Roads is the new rock vehicle for guitarist Mike Cross out of Detroit, Michigan and you may already know of him as one of the founding members of the American rock band Sponge. He left the group after three albums due to the usual ‘creative differences’ and had a short period of time out of the music business but is back now with this classy 5-track EP of guitar driven rock that is a heady mixture of Nickelback and indie.

Now acting as the voice and guitarist for MC Roads, Cross delivers a delightful 21-minutes of colourful AOR steeped in storytelling and with a solid classic rock delivery. Part retro and part post modern, Cross could well establish himself as the poet for the new generation with his pleasing and easy delivery and the total ease with which he and his band performs their music. The man has class and has put a neat team together to tell his tales of wonder and I await his debut album with keen interest as the music on this EP hints at a rare talent indeed.

No Nostalgia

  1. Smile Like A Knife (4:19)
  2. Stoned In Love (3:49)
  3. My Insane Friend (3:25)
  4. Call It What You Want (4:25)
  5. Silence And Time (4:47)