March 5, 2023

MDXX is a new epic metal band from Sweden. Their line-up is veiled in mystery, with the four members only presented with the letters V, T, C and A. The band was presented by No Remorse Records 15 months ago with the single Decimation and a promise of a full-length album. Now, their self-titled debut will finally be released on March 24th and I must admit the lead single was very representative of what we could expect.

All the eight songs in the album flow seamlessly one after the other, sounding very melancholic and melodic, with a feeling of darkness and desperation, strengthened by the vocals. If you can imagine a cross between Blue Öyster Cult, Mercyful Fate and Manilla Road, that’s what MDXX are probably influenced by. Songs like Enforcer and Sanctum are definitely much heavier than the pop-leanings of Ghost, but there’s definitely something that also brings to mind their fellow-countrymen and it’s not just the aura of mystery. Submission is where the Black Sabbath doom influence also rears its head, making MDXX a band that is still searching for its identity. The info provided with the album promo hints of concept-bound lyrics and some serious intentions about the future. On the other hand, the production is very sub-par, muffled and uneven, and if more effort was invested there, the songs would sound much more powerful.

There’s also the feeling of repetitiveness – all the songs sound a bit similar, even though the riffs are quite good. Perhaps the problem is with the vocalist’s approach to the choruses, which carry the same mood. The earlier-mentioned closing track Sanctum is head and shoulders better than the rest, winning with a fantastic bridge melody, a very heavy leading riff and a chorus that works very well. I really recommend checking MDXX out, if you are a fan of old school, dark, epic, heavy metal that tells a story with music and image. Even with the already mentioned little missteps, this is a very good debut album and I am sure these guys have the best still up their sleeves.


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