February 3, 2021

Latest release from Azure is “Mistress”

“Super chromatic and bright progressive metal/rock FFO Rush, Genesis, Rainbow, etc. Fuck, this track rules!!”
– Eden Kupermintz, Heavy Blog is Heavy

Azure’s furiously idiosyncratic approach to melodic prog songwriting has been little more than a curiosity, bubbling under the surface of the modern prog scene for several years since their 2017 demo ‘Wish for Spring’. In 2018, they released an EP called ‘Redtail’ that consisted of a single, 20 minute, bedroom produced epic track that delivered an ambitious and emotionally charged fantasy narrative that garnered intrigue from blogs and fans alike.

Azure is: Christopher Sampson (vocals and guitar); Galen Stapley (guitar); Alex Miles (bass)

two out of three ain’t bad?!

Azure faded back into obscurity, leaving the promise of further immersion into their fantasy universe unfulfilled. Since then, they’ve been furtively refining their sound through enhanced production techniques, the use of live drums, and by honing their skills to virtuosic heights in order to bolster their ability to deliver on their musical vision.

Now in 2021, their re-emergence is beginning with a new single, ‘Mistress’ – a track that cascades through numerous keys, time signatures, and themes, condensed within an uncharacteristically succinct run time of 3 minutes!

“the mistress” sleeve

Azure express their excitement at releasing the new single
We’re super excited for Mistress to finally be out in the world! It’s probably the most compact, dramatic 3 minutes of music we’ve recorded yet, so it’ll be exciting to see how everyone reacts to it following our 20 minute release, Redtail!”

Lyrically, this single introduces The Mistress, a relentlessy opportunistic and morally ambiguous goddess of the storm. Thematically, Mistress is about rediscovering a burning desire to live in the face of overbearing demands. Adventurous, shimmering, and triumphant; Mistress is a promising sign of things to come from Azure’s return. With allusions to the continuation of their sprawling fantasy canon, will 2021 bring the full scope of their project into focus?

Stay tuned for more on this exciting, young and energetic pop prog outfit from the South Coast.