May 18, 2022
Photo: Tomi_Salminen

Psycho is the fifth single from their upcoming second album Pop Metal. Album will be out 17th of June.

Memoremains has got already over five million streams on Spotify and is booked to many Finnish festivals next summer.

Keyboardist Mikko Kujanpää: “There were already several songs done for the album, but I think there was no such rolling rock song. I felt like the album needed to get a song that pumps and that gets your headbanging. The main riff was born first, followed by other instruments. That’s pretty much how the song was born. This time we felt that the song didn’t need another verse. We went straight to Part C and broke the Memoremains formula hahaha. The other single songs on the album have a more restless rhythm. In psycho, it was clear from the start that the rhythm needed to be more straightforward. The keyboard melody has a lot of traditional Memoremains elements. You can play it while holding your hand in the same place! The perfect song for Keytar!”

Vocalist Johanna Ahonen: “The lyrics are about human’s resistance to change. The emotions are changing during the song just like they do in a person’s mind. At first, you deny the problem and then you get angry and after that, you have to admit the problem. Like the song itself, I wanted to create lyrics that are moving forward. I wanted to create an escalating story.”

Pop Metal

  1. We Are One
  2. Sympathy
  3. Back Off
  4. Paralyze
  5. Psycho
  6. Miscreation
  7. Not My Fault
  8. Deja Vu
  9. Empire


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