January 5, 2024

Mental Destruction is a thrash act from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which are releasing their debut full length on January 15th. Three of the album’s nine tracks have previously appeared in the Fighting The System demo from 2011, but this a much more mature band than the one from 12 years ago.

Road Of Redemption makes impression from the first notes with the meaty, solid production work and in-your-face sound. The style on display is reminiscent of Sacred Reich, Forbidden and Testament (their Souls Of Black period), with some faster parts making the generally mid-tempo groove more interesting and engaging for the listener. Purifire, Dark Passenger and the title track all follow the above-mentioned formula, while Road Life pleasantly surprised me with a fantastic lead guitar melody and more varied vocals. Now, having mentioned the vocals, my biggest problem with Road Of Redemption is the style of vocalist Kosta, who relies of unimaginative, gruff voices, almost bordering on a death metal grunt. This type of monotonous singing just got on my nerves after the third track, but I guess it’s an acquired taste and it’s a conscious choice they’ve made. What actually amazes me is that Kosta has a great voice and is capable of delivering much more melodic and varied parts, which is most obvious in the aforementioned Road Life. The songs Advise and Soul Taker smash the speakers with some brutal guitar riffs with an Exodus touch, while The New Breed (as did Road Life), somehow reminded me of a heavier version of Iced Earth.

The closing No Sorrow No Pain No Hate wins with a really good chorus, breaking the usual singing pattern and adding some epic melodic interludes. Mental Destruction should be proud of their debut album and I hope as many thrashers as possible will get acquainted with this band. If you are a fan of the US thrash scene and the particular bands mentioned above, then give these guys a chance.


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Road Of Redemption is out on January 15th and you can order it by writing to mentaldestructionbg@gmail.com