October 26, 2021

Mercury X is an acclaimed Swedish progressive metal act who take inspiration from both the present and past in the genre. Their new album, Imprisoned, is based on the lives of the group members during its making, guiding its listeners through various emotional stages with beautiful melodies combined with tough riffage.

The band originally formed in 2013 in Norrtälje, just outside Stockholm, when guitarist/lead vocalist/violinist Martin Björklund, bassist Alfonso Flores, guitarist Jonas Vedin and drummer/vocalist Denis Diaz all met while studying music together at school. Subsequently continuing their studies in different cities, they eventually returned home, regrouped and formed Mercury X and have released two albums independently.

They recently recorded an epic twenty minute song entitled Imprisoned, originally intending for it to be released as a standalone track. They then decided to add four additional songs and turn it into a full length album, realising that the material they were laying down was a big step up in quality. They made contact with Frontiers, who were also deeply impressed with what they heard and signed the band.


  1. Until The Break Of Day
  2. The Light In Your Eyes
  3. Lonely
  4. Imprisoned
  5. The Sound Of Nothing

Martin Björklund – lead vocals, guitar, violin
Denis Diaz – drums, vocals
Jonas Vedin – guitar
Alfonso Flores – bass

MERCURY X online: