March 28, 2021

The female fronted melodic/symphonic rock band Metalite hail from Sweden, as so many bands seems to do, with A Virtual World now being the band’s third album since they formed in 2015. The two previous album being Heroes In Time (2017) and Biomechanicals (2019) and were both very fine examples of near perfect symphonic rock with immediate accessibility which meant that they were readily received and rather successful bringing the band rave reviews and rapidly raising their profile. There was a slight issue when the immaculate original vocalist Emma Bensing left but the band struck gold with the recruitment of Erica Ohlsson and she truly cemented her place as the vocalist with a performance of class and style on Biomechanicals and she has, incredibly, upped her game with her imperious performance on A Virtual World.

The rest of the band remains as per the debut with the twin guitarists Edwin Premberg and Robert Örnesved (Guitar) plus Lea Larsson on drums and Robert Majd on bass. As previously, there is a backbeat of electro over which the band lays down a full metal score and it really does make for a brand of hard rock that gets those toes tapping and induces you to either get up and dance or simply head bang, whichever you prefer!

Again, the similarities remain with Delain and Within Temptation which is to everyone’s benefits as all are great bands and each brings something a little different to the symphonic metal genre. The rhythm and beat provided by Larsson and Majd is infectious yet powerful and intense with both Premberg and Örnesved laying down great riffs and stunningly sweet solos. There is talent aplenty here with Erica Ohlsson also showing just what a great voice she has and her versatility means that she can adapt to just about any style the band wants to play in. The approach that Metalite takes to their music is rather neat being heavy metal but with a pop and dance sensibility with just enough techno to drive the beat without becoming too intrusive. There is a moral or concept to the album too being the use of technology of how it should help define our future for the betterment of mankind and all to a danceable beat too!

Much of the praise goes to the singer but the real power comes from the guitarists and how they thrillingly combine with some searing leads driving the band onwards and upwards. The album is suffused with melody and awash with immediate hooks with each track having an anthemic and epic feel. To say it is rock for the dance floor diminishes what the band is doing but they are certainly opening up metal to the not so obvious audience and the more that we can get listening to real music then the better.

Metalite has now produced three most excellent albums and each shows the necessary level of development and growth expected from a band that is determined to rise to the top.

A Virtual World track list

  1. A Virtual World (3:58)
  2. Cloud Connected (3:48)
  3. Talisman (4:57)
  4. Beyond The Horizon (4:54)
  5. Peacekeepers (4:15)
  6. The Vampire Song (3:51)
  7. We’re Like The Fire (4:13)
  8. Artificial Intelligence (4:37)
  9. Alone (4:44)
  10. Running (4:04)
  11. Synchronized (4:20)