September 16, 2022

Stockholm-based melodic metal act METALITE has announced the release of an upcoming EP, recorded Live at Sweden Rock in 2022. The digital, 4-track EP will be available on October 28th via AFM Records.
”As we got this opportunity to play at Sweden’s most beloved rock/metal festival, we wanted to eternalize this epic moment and record our live performance. The best audience from all around the world was about to see us play our greatest songs live, we are so happy about the support we got when we entered the stage and throughout the whole show“ says guitarist Edwin Premberg. “It was really a pleasure to be on stage this warm summer night. We have now chosen 4 songs that will be available on an EP Live at Sweden Rock Festival 2022 and we really hope that you´ll like it as much as we do. As the pandemic hit us, we haven’t been able to get out and play as much as we had planned and all of our work of planning and booking shows went down the drain. Now, we hope that we finally can show the world some live songs and that it will lead us to more delighted festivals all over the world. We really hope to see you there!” 

Their critically acclaimed, second studio album Biomechanicals (2019, AFM Records), seen the band unleash an enthralling blend of modern melodic metal and expertly use of electronic elements, spheric layers mix with whirring sequences and stoic beats fit like a second skin for the massive, melodic and outrageous catchy soundwall, while introducing new singer Erica Ohlsson who shapes METALITE‘s energetic sound.

Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2022

  1. We Bring You The Stars (Live at Sweden Rock Festival 2022)
  2. 02. Far From The Sanctuary (Live at Sweden Rock Festival 2022)
  3. 03. Peacekeepers (Live at Sweden Rock Festival 2022)
  4. 04. Cloud Connected (Live at Sweden Rock Festival 2022)

The year 2020, the year of the Covid Pandemic, the band transformed isolation into inspiration, and recorded their new album A Virtual World, which is out on AFM Records.

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