June 19, 2021

Confusingly, Michael Fury is not an individual but the name of the band which was formed in 1979 by singer Myles Hunter formerly of the Canadian band Avalon, guitarist Rob Kennedy and bassist Martyn Jones with the name of Michael Fury being chosen as he was, apparently, a character in the James Joyce story The Dead. The band toured frequently but was finished by 1983 only to be resurrected a year later with the introduction of former the Zon keyboardist Howard Helm and drummer Dave Mihal and this line-up released the debut Affairs In Babylon in 1984. There then followed a period of turmoil which was mainly caused by many, including record labels, believing that the band was a solo act featuring, yes you’ve guessed it, Michael Fury! The band then played around with the album and re-issued it again in 1985 but this time under the name Refugee to prevent any further misunderstandings but the damage had already been done.

Now we come up to date as AOR Heaven are now releasing the album again in a limited run of 1000 CDs having been restored from the original vinyl and re-mastered. Now, this record really is a time capsule as you put it on and you are immediately transported to those strange days of the early ’80s and is another soft/melodic rock album that could be the soundtracks to the world of Miami Vice with turned up sleeves and Armani suits. The album contains all of those little ’80s tricks like synth drums that were great at the time but drive you crazy now but, other than that, the music hold sup very well and is a Michael Bolton meets Mr Mister AOR classy album. Lots of smooth ballads and up tempo rockers keep you thoroughly entertained but, ultimately, it really belongs in the ’80s and is something of a curiosity now but if you had the album at the time then I’m sure you will want it again to remind you of past glories. The restoration work is very good and, for its age, it does hold up and there are a fair few radio friendly tracks on it that you will enjoy.

Buy it and save it for an ’80s themed night and it will go down very well with those looking for a fine party album.

Affairs In Babylon track list

  1. Affairs In Babylon (1:48)
  2. Through The Thunder (5:49)
  3. Pictures And Prints (3:53)
  4. There’s Gonna Be A Fire Tonight (3:12)
  5. These Are The Good Times (3:38)
  6. (Janie) Here We Go Again (4:01)
  7. Hot Words (4:04)
  8. And We All Go Down To The River (4:20)
  9. White Wine And Roses (3:25)
  10. Love Comes Down (4:40)