December 7, 2020

Mindless Sinner is a Swedish heavy rock band with quite a history that goes right back to the ’80s which saw the band performing as Purple Haze and Genocide before settling on Mindless Sinner in 1982 only then to change it to Mindless as the 1980s closed out with the band having released two albums. There were then several periods of inactivity until the band returned with the third album, The New Messiah, in 2015 and the very recently released Poltergeist, a rather enjoyable hard rock album and welcome return from the band.

This ‘new’ EP turns back the clock to 1982 and sees the band’s first four track EP being re-released on CD and vinyl and comes with several demos to make for a near 34 minutes which is pretty healthy running time by EP standards. Even though the band has only sporadically released albums they have at least been relatively stable so that most of the band that produced Poltergeist were also responsible for the EP with Christer Göransson on vocals, Magnus Danneblad and Jerker Edman on lead guitars, Anders Karlsson on bass and Tommy Johansson on drums. These days, Christer Carlson and Tommy Viktorsson provide bass and drums respectively.

I’m sure fans of the band will enjoy this trawl through the history of Mindless Sinner and it is interesting to see how the style has changed over the years as this old but classic material shows a band with a sound very much derived from the NWOBHM movement and Tokyo Blades and Tygers Of Pan Tang in particular and Judas Priest is quite obviously there in the mix too. Christer Göransson impresses with his delivery which has more than a touch of Rob Halford about it especially when he gives it everything on the high pitched screams. The demos are all much better that I would have expected and maybe a little rough at the edges but they do not sound like demos at all. Lots of riffs and duelling guitars make this a perfect ’80s metal delight and the fact that it is a little rough gives it an added charm and actually increases the likeability of the material. To be truthful, my expectation levels were not that high for this but I have been more than pleasantly surprised at just how good the early Mindless Sinner were as the playing is excellent with great guitars and a collection of well delivered songs.

Fans of the band will enjoy this release and if you are a fan of NWOBHM then you will be enticed by this Swedish band that sounds so very British.

Master Of Evil track list

  1. Broken Freedom (4:24)
  2. Key Of Fortune (2:46)
  3. Master Of Evil (4:47)
  4. Screaming For Mercy (4:16)
  5. Mindless Sinner (Demo ’83) (4:47)
  6. Higher And Higher (Demo ’83) (4:45)
  7. We All Go Back (Demo ’83) (3:34)
  8. Heavy Metal Will Never Die (Demo ’83) (3:35)
  9. City Games (Demo ’83) (4:45)