January 27, 2020

Mindless Sinner is a Swedish heavy rock band with a history that goes back to the ’80s and they released three albums before disbanding in 1990. They briefly reformed between the years of 2001 to 2004 and then they got back together again in 2014, playing the 2015 Keep It True XVIII festival which was then released as a live album and now they have released their much anticipated studio album number four.

Poltergeist is a pretty much traditional Swedish heavy rock album with the song dealing with macho subjects and the band using heavy guitars and vocal choruses to ensure an immediately accessible sound and, as such, they have a sound similar in style to Europe and, to me at least, the bombastic heaviness of Britain’s UK glamsters Sweet as vocalist Christer Göransson does have something of the Brian Connolly sound about him. Magnus Danneblad and Jerker Edman share lead guitar duties and play well off each other and Christer Carlson supplies the bass with Tommy Viktorsson being rather mercurial on drums. The band is very tight and you can tell they have numerous years working together and those fans eagerly awaiting this album will be more than satisfied and it should mean that Mindless Sinner do not leave it as long for their next release.