August 31, 2022

Mislead are badged as an alternative rock band hailing from Athens, Greece, although I would describe them as being more broad-based than that, perhaps mostly 80’s/90’s influenced. Founded in 2016, they released their debut EP “Glances” in October 2019, which was met with a great response from the audience and the local music press. Comprised of vocalist Katerina Garofallidi, guitarist Nickos Revithis, bassist John Gkoufas and drummer Theodore Psychalis, the band set out to make a name for themselves by playing live in clubs around their home city – and quickly succeeded, they’re Very Big in Athens.

On their debut album “Find Your Enemy“, out now, the group’s signature style is still more evident – a blend of 80’s/90’s heavy rock with healthy chunks of alt-rock, a hint of goth-rock, the whole thing under-pinning the soaring voice of Katerina Garofallidi.

“We’re glad to share our debut full-length album Find Your Enemy this summer” Says the band. “The title track was actually one of the very first tracks we completed back in late 2019 and in a way was the main source of inspiration for the whole album and its concept. We as humans never stop trying to define and fight our enemies, who sometimes are no more than our own emotions, fears and hopes. This album is about the new better person that emerges from this never-ending process and we sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!”

The album has nine tracks, all characterised by their blend of meaty chord progressions, melodic tunes, a relentlessly pacey beat and Katerina’s vocals. It’s a little derivative, as a band they’re not exactly pushing at the bounds of creative new originality, but it’s all good enjoyable high energy rock – you’d happily listen to them in a festival line-up, or support them in a local venue and thoroughly enjoy it.

It all starts off with Break The Chains, launched on the back of a nicely chunky riff. Stylistically, this one reminds me a lot of Pat Benatar, and this 80s style crops up throughout the album. A strong chorus-line powers you through the middle section to a dreamy, lanquid bridge before we’re back to the riff then a very tasty little lead break. It’s a very promising starter! Find Your Enemy follows similar territory, choppy riff and powerful vocals being an even stronger nod to their influences. This is almost Powerpop in its energy and pacy-ness. As I said earlier, there’s nothing particularly new here, but it’s still very well performed, great fun, great for live shows – see the video below!

Greed could almost be Sabbath, or NWOBHM, in its steamroller riffing, this is definitely one for the air-guitars! I can imagine it’s a real powerhouse live, it’s relentless and extremely “Planet Rock friendly”! Into Flames is slightly slower, very melodic, a nicely bubbling bassline. This one is in the same style of The Damn Truth, quite retro, generally good stuff. The next track is This Game – again slower, a heavyweight bluesy ballad that really highlights Katerina’s strength as a singer. It’s also got a cracking guitar break in the middle. Because it’s a bit different from the previous tracks, for me it stands out as the strongest track on the album.

No Ego is back into Pat Benatar or Heart territory, it’s decent enough but derivative. You’re Leaving is better, again it’s one of the slower ballady tracks, so giving guitarist Nickos the space to weave around an echoey lead line that works really well. It gets beefy in the middle before some really tasty interplay between soaring guitar and swooping vocals, I’m really enjoying this! Kill Inside is back into kerrang mode before Pale Lights, at 5.50 the longest track on the album brings the vibe right down into ambient mode. Again, a nicely understated guitar line combines with the smooth vocals to create a real quality ballad. There’s a hint of Creed about the way power-chords then chop into the ether, this is tasty!

To sum up then, this album has no pretensions to re-write rock’n’roll history or invent another new sub-genre of ‘AmbientEuroDoomProgThrash’ or whatever!….but what you do get is a thoroughly satisfying collection of quality ROCO (“rock of classic origin” – my words). The band is a genuine foursome, all quality musicians blending into really tight-knit performances with great production – all the more credit given that it’s self-produced. For me there’s touches of Heart, Pat Benatar, Evanescence, Ellen Foley, Gwen Stefano, Heavy Feather, Garbage, The Dame, Brave Rival and so on, and it’s all the better for the band sticking to what they obviously know and love – me too! For those about to rock…….go get it!