May 24, 2021

Motorjesus is an uncompromising, hard and direct rock band from Germany which formed in 2006 (although they were operational as a unit as far back as 1992 under a different name) and I rather suspect that if Motörhead, fast cars, even faster motorcycles and Jack Daniels had never existed then neither would Motorjesus!

Hailing from Mönchengladbach, Hellbreaker is now the sixth studio album from this vital band that has the same straightforward work ethic that Lemmy lived by – play the music loud and fully immerse yourself in it and if you are looking for a band to shake the rafters and let off some steam to then these should now be the go to band! This is genre defying music being simple hard rock with a groove built on incendiary drums, bass and guitar and vocals seared and forged in the furnaces of hell. Motorjesus play loud and fast with incessant riffs and soaring lead breaks and is definitely German metal but with influences from further afield including the aforementioned Motörhead, Maiden, Priest and AC/DC.

Indeed, they are a band that you know just exactly what you are going to get and they deliver magnificently with their infectious, all action rock and roll that has only two setting in heavy stun and kill. Some music requires headphones and dimmed lights, some disco baubles and a party atmosphere but Motorjesus is one of those bands best enjoyed with friends and alcohol but also great when alone but do not forget to include the beer and JD! The band delights in delivering shortish and vicious songs that punch straight to your brain as they take fast and frenetic to a new level. Do not expect any slow, burning love songs although they can offer up some delightful moments like the short, acoustic guitars on closing track The Outrun but, for the most part, the band just plays loud, fast and direct.

The line-up has been tweaked a little and now the band comprises Chris Birx on vocals and he truly is integral to the Motorjesus sound with the mercurial Andy Peters being joined by new guitarist Patrick Wassenberg and he has comfortably settled into the team with Dominik Kwasny on bass and Adam Borosch on drums. Sometimes, the name of those involved may change but the Motorjesus way does not! The album is basically one long intense riff session with guitars cranked to the max with a downright dirty vocal and a deep, dark groove that makes this one of those rare rock albums that can and will be enjoyed by every rock fan regardless of genre. They have a Ramones type approach which dictates bursts of maximum effort then move onto the next song and repeat.

If you ever hear anyone state that they do not like Motorjesus then simply ignore them as they just do not understand rock and roll. If you need an intense hard rock fix then look no further than this truly great and inspiration German metal band.

Hellbreaker track list

  1. Drive Through Fire (5:52)
  2. Battlezone (3:36)
  3. Hellbreaker (4:07)
  4. Beyond The Grave (3:40)
  5. Dead Rising (3:47)
  6. Car Wars (3:35)
  7. Firebreather (4:28)
  8. Lawgiver (5:04)
  9. Black Hole Overlord (4:33)
  10. Back To The Bullet (3:50)
  11. The Outrun (1:54)