February 11, 2024

The German prog-rockers have been around since 2016 and after a six-year creative process, their third full length will be released next week. This House Has No Center follows Om Generator (2016) and Atlas (2018) and is the first release for their new label Supreme Chaos Records. If you’ve never heard the band before, the easiest thing would be to play the video below this article, however, some suitable reference bands would be Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and later-era Mastodon with some nice doses of Radiohead thrown in. The progressive rock and alternative metal influences are equally dominant throughout Motorowl’s musical soundscape, which makes their music appealing to both classic rockers and metalheads.

All Bells Ring and Future Nostalgia are cleverly chosen as the advance singles, both possessing very strong choruses and memorable leading riffs, with Lightweight Champion also built upon a great riff. The sound and production are fantastic, with some very imaginative synths enriching the picture even more and adding an original touch. Clean Passage and No Center are very heavy and show a darker and oppressive side of Motorowl’s style, even if still complex in structure and rhythm. This is where I have to say Martin Scheibe is performing a masterclass in percussion in each and every track – a stellar performance. The closing and longest track Forever Box is a bit more accessible and lighter in mood, with great singing by Max Nemmann.

If you are a fan of any of the genres I already mentioned, check these guys out. The album is rewarding the listener with every new spin, showing more and more details, while retaining the catchiness of the songs. Simply put, this is great music.


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This House Has No Center will be out on February 16th and can be ordered from HERE