February 7, 2023

Munition is a new classic metal band from Chicago and Visions, their debut full-length, has been released by the band at the end of last month. All of the members (except for vocalist Syl Smith) have previously been in the already defunct Shocker, which managed to release an EP and a full length 6 years ago. What immediately attracts attention in this new project is, of course, the absolutely beautiful cover artwork by Lauren Gornik, proving these guys believe in what they do and pay attention to every detail. They even insisted on sending me a physical copy of the album (which wasn’t necessary) for review in order to grant me the full experience.

First song in, Skyrider, is meat and potatoes heavy metal, with heavy accent on the guitar riffs, mostly mid-tempo, reminding of Jag Panzer and late-period Iced Earth. By the time third song System32 kicks in, the Judas Priest influence rises to the surface as well, while the overall impression is that the songs are cleverly structured and the melodies are original and memorable. The guitar solos are masterful and complement the songs well, never allowing tediousness to creep in. Highway Of Nightmares and Phoenix Rise demonstrate muscular guitar foundation and great pre-chorus and chorus melodies by Smith.

Beyond These Visions is probably the best song of the bunch, introducing some progressive influences from the Crimson Glory rulebook, and more varied structure, which is a sign Munition have so much more good music in them to expect from now on. Watchtower is next, finishing the original material with lots of speed and punch. The closing song is a beautiful rendition of Priest’s classic Dreamer/Deceiver and the way they do justice to such an ambitious composition, even with all the screaming heroics of young Halford, is admirable.

So, if you are looking for a fresh new classic metal band to follow, check Munition out. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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You can listen to all the songs in Visions and order it from HERE