February 19, 2024

Portuguese blackened post-metal colective Music In Low Frequencies have just dropped a music video for a new track off the band’s second full-length album Catharsis, which was released in early December via Raging Planet Records

Titled “Unconsciousness”, this new video has premiered at Metal Sucks, who had this to say about the new track: “Having released their sophomore full-length Catharsis last December, the band’s pushing their combination of black metal, doom, and post-metal out into the world. As such, they dropped a new music video for the droning and foreboding track Unconsciousness. With stark visuals that match the song’s mood, the single is sultry at one moment and blisteringly furious the next.”

The band offers the following comment about this new track: “”Unconsciousness talks about a variety of ambiguous feelings residing in our inner self. It’s the expression of the unquieting sensations that come from loving someone too much, and as you rise them to a godlike level, you start seeing all the toxicity coming from there. While you can see the beauty of it all, you also become aware of all the inherent harm and danger. That’s something that hits us all sometime.

“You can consider it as a love song, but above all we wish you’d listen to it as a song of hope and inspiration. The imagery we created for this video is particularly dark, with slightly bright tiny details, for we intended to recreate the vibe of the message going with the lyrics of this song and also with the hovering drone guitars.”

Formed in 2012, Music In Low Frequencies, is a gathering of three old friends that thrive throughout the music they create together. They were born from the desire of making something meaningfully intimate with hints of the harshness of our times. With that being said, it is understandable that their sound is charged with gloomy melodies, heavy riffs and doom tunes.

They released their first album Sowing The Seed in 2014 and promoted it through Europe, headlining some shows and also playing in some important festivals in Portugal and other smaller showcases. They went through a period of time where creation was delayed by some other important matters, but soon time passed and new melodies started to follow. 

Music in Low Frequencies felt they wanted to go deeper down the rabbit hole as they started to feel the urge for darker and sludgier notes. They refine and redefine their sound and Catharsis is born. Resembling the atmosphere of these past times, this album is the result of a period of darkness, reflection, contemplation of the soul and purgation of the spirits and it hopes to embrace all the heavy spirits we have within our minds and put them to rest. Catharsis wishes to indulge all the senses whatsoever, and purge all the demons we carry through our music.