July 2, 2021

Still Life With Machine GunLoaded and locked for September 2021

My Glass World will release their latest album Still Life With Machine Gun on 24 September through Luxury Noise. My Glass World are Scottish Songwriter Jamie Telford with accomplice Sean Read and a host of friends. Between the two of them they have played with a load of bands from The Jam to Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Jamie wrote the songs and then recorded the album in lockdown with Sean in his Famous Times studio in Hackney.

HiFi+ magazine described the last My Glass World record A Handbook Of Roses as “a superb and classy album that’s full of great songs with a timeless quality”. The band have enjoyed airplay from the likes of Guy Garvey at 6Music, Janice Long and more. R2 magazine said, “There’s a successful interplay of influences here, and anyone fond of singer-songwriters from Tom Waits to Joe Jackson, will find something to embrace”.

Drums on the new album are by Stephen Gilchrist with Little Barrie on guitar and Jon Kensington on Bass. The title, and some inspiration for the record itself, are drawn from an admiration of work by the American / Vietnamese poet and writer Ocean Vuong, in particular his book Night Sky With Exit Wounds.

Of the new album Jamie says, “I was trying to write fresher more uptempo material. I’d exhausted some of the standard singer / songwriter tropes available to me previously as a predominantly solo piano player. For Still Life With Machine Gun, having a great bunch of musicians around me – and with time thanks to Lockdown – meant that with Sean’s help I could utilise them all to create a bigger sound. I feel that, of late, bands have been ostracised because record companies feel that they are tricky and costly. However, I feel that collectives can be interesting in quirky ways that solo artists can struggle to be.”

The album’s title Still Life With Machine Gun hints at both the calm and chaos of modern life and is a rewarding and entertaining record that wears its virtuosity and confidence lightly. My Glass World are ambitious musicians who don’t forget to entertain!