October 5, 2023

Nattsvermer is a Norwegian band with a vision to explore the uncharted realms of alternative metal. With a dynamic line-up comprising André Tornes on guitar and vocals, Kent Robin Kjærstad on guitar, Runar Haukalid Jensen on drums, and Amalie Trædal on bass, Nattsvermer crafts a captivating musical experience. Drawing inspiration from various genres and bands like Godsmack, Alter Bridge and Metallica, Nattsvermer has honed their own distinctive sound and their debut album promises to take listeners on an unusual journey through eleven quite compelling tracks.

With a powerful fusion of hard-hitting riffs and melodic nuances, Nattsvermer’s captivating performances have earned them a devoted following and garnered positive acclaim from enthusiastic audiences.

From their humble beginnings as “Liquid Mojo” in 2017 to their re-emergence as “Nattsvermer” in 2020, this Norwegian band has been steadily gaining momentum in the region. The self-titled debut album takes listeners on an immersive experience, spanning eleven tracks that cut across traditional genre boundaries. Nattsvermer seamlessly fuses elements of alternative metal, presenting a sonic tapestry that defies categorization. Each song on the album is different in nature, a testament to the band’s diverse influences.

The album’s “introductory track” Skummring briefly conjures visions of Black Sabbath’s very first, self-titled track, before getting distinctly wacky! Devil’s Den is follows, a “traditional” Heavy Metal number that introduces the core of the band’s musical leanings. Could almost be Judas Priest at times, albeit with toned-down chords in much evidence. A great riff, classic rock vocals and some nice breaks in pace all add to a solid start.

Controlled is an absolute cracker! It starts off like Velvet Revolver’s Slither, before getting altogether heavier, rumbling on towards a crescendo of riffing and lead licks. It’s bugging me who Andre the singer reminds me of, but I suspect it’s simply because he has such a timeless Heavy swagger! Comes to me now, of course it’s Metallica’s James Hetfield – and the comparisons are merited.

Voice Inside relentlessly continues the heavyweight juggernaut onslaught, but punctuated by some great lead licks and Offspring-like vocals. The track winds up with an injection of more pace and more soaring lead licks, it all works rather well!

Polaris is different, haunting echoes introduce jingle-jangle note-progressions and some beautiful lead licks. In comparison to what’s gone before it’s a sort of a ballad, you get the feeling it’s building to something more powerful…and indeed some staccato chords and interesting changes in pace begin to make their presence felt as the track progresses, before gently fading away to dusk…

Rash is a very brief journey into a heavyweight version of Post-Rock, bursts of chords and “machine-gun” drumming abound. Lost In Life perhaps continues mining this vein of punchy, staccato Metal, introduced by a heartbeat, with some wondrous throbbing bass lines on display before the heads-down boogie kicks in. The band revert to a more trad. metal conclusion to round it off.

Mistress of Defeat is an energetic head-shaker that all Metal heads will love, more thundering riffs and licks. It’s followed by the wonderfully named Bad Knee, another Metallica-inspired sound. Breathe is….a lovely, quirky, melodic track for a couple of minutes… before the inevitable (hah!) powered-up, riff-led, main body of the song. This is clever stuff, almost punky at times, but still keeping that tuneful essence.

And so to the closing titular track, again a sort of blend of metal and punk, that then morphs into a slab of classic heavy rock, albeit with that alt-metal tinge. Very interesting!

It has to be said that in this self titled release, each song definitely showcases a range of influences and a predilection for blending and morphing styles within compositions. With a nod to their aforementioned heroes and incorporating both aggressive, hard-hitting riffs and ethereal, melodic sequences, Nattsvermer has created a sound that is uniquely their own. Their captivating performances and devoted fanbase in Scandanavia are proof that this band is going places.