February 17, 2021

Natural Born Machine is an exciting new band that was put together in 2019 by a most talented team of musicians in bassist Alberto Rigoni, vocalist David Readman, guitarist Alessio Tricarico and the drummer Denis Novello. As you all will know, Readman is the superior vocalist that fronted Pink Cream 69 with Rigoni being a solo artists and bassist with BADASS (now known as the BAD As) with Tricarico also being a member of BAD As and Novello is in the band Ardityon. The influence of Italy on the hard/melodic rock market seems to be ever growing with the album being recorded in Treviso with the talented Rigoni doing the mixing and mastering.

Together, they have produced a wonderful ’70s based retro album of exhilarating hard rock straight out of the early Whitesnake, Bad Company and Coverdale-era Deep Purple school of rock. The album has ten tracks around the four minute mark on which the band turns the clock back, have eschewed technical trickery and have relied on the traditional voice/guitar/bass/drums route to produce a masterclass in hard, heavy and melodic metal. David Readman always delivers the goods, he is one of the most instantly recognisable voices in the rock arena and it is always nailed on that he will give it 100% and when he is involved in a project then you know it is going to be exceptional.

The album kicks off with Moonchild, a track that would not have been out of place on Stormbringer as Readman lays down his classic vocals with Alessio Tricarico throwing down all encompassing riffs and plenty of breathtaking solos too. Great work from the rhythm section ensures that this album that grooves along at maximum speed with the metal being relentless, uncompromising an utterly enthralling. Each track is perfectly written to provide short and effective slabs of hard, driving rock and not a weak track in sight.

Human is an album designed to be played at maximum volume so you can revel in a modern day classic that has taken everything that is good of ’70s blues derived rock and turned it into an album still alive, fresh and vibrant in 2021. This is timeless rock that does exactly what you know it is designed to do and that is to rock!