June 2, 2024

Neon Rider is a new Argentinian melodic rock band which was put together in 2020 by two guitarists in Hernan Cattaneo and & Marcos Nieva Green and, after a careful line-up reshuffle plus a couple of exploratory singles, they have now put out their debut release in Destination Unknown. The latest version of the band sees the addition of vocalist Bruno Sangari, bassist Daniel Bravo and Pablo Ureta on drums with both Cattaneo and Green supplying backing vocals alongside their prodigious guitar work.

The album may be called Destination Unknown but they offer up a cultured AOR so perhaps the destination is known after all and, as debuts go, this shows a band with an abundance of talent and an ability to offer up short but perfectly written and performed slices of pure melodic rock. Yes, there are a few rough edges but this actually adds to the overall sound as AOR can sometimes be just a tad too glossy so it is nice to see a new band on an upward curve as they will very quickly settle into the super slick delivery that the genre is mostly noted for. The guitarists give the band a real power with some exceptional work with the new guys settling in comfortably and vocalist Sangari makes the frontman position his own with his lower register and somewhat raspy voice that gives an edge to the Neon Rider sound that is exciting and a little dangerous.

It’s neat to see a band that doesn’t follow the AOR template to the letter and is prepared to do it slightly different and for that they must be applauded.

Destination Unknown

  1. Destination Unknown (051)
  2. Neon Rider (5:04)
  3. Feel The Magic (5:22)
  4. Unleash The Fire (4:32)
  5. I Lay My Life In Rock N Roll (4:51)
  6. Compass Rose (4:46)
  7. Surreal (4:59)
  8. My Time To Say Goodbye (4:58)
  9. Standing By The Edge (4:36)
  10. One And Only (5:1)
  11. One Night In The Big City (6:03)
  12. Riders Of The Night (4:19)