April 28, 2022

Now this one took me by surprise as I thought the band must be some old NWOBHM outfit that had slipped through the net with Dawn Of The Serpent being a new re-issue of the band’s album from back in the day; the sound of the band and the album cover simply scream NWOBHM. However, just a subsequent read of the accompanying publicity shows that Night Cobra is a new band from Houston made up by Christian Larson on vocals, Brandon Barger and Bill Fool on guitars, Trevi Biles on bass and Cheech on drums. The band put out a 4-track EP in 2020 called In Praise Of The Shadow with Dawn Of The Serpent being the bands full length debut but it is a rather short one at only 33-minutes. However, it is all new music with the debut album and EP featuring different songs.

There is a recurring theme throughout the album relating to the breakdown of society and our bleak future no doubt, much of which has been influenced by the Covid epidemic and there is a great deal of sci-fi too influencing song titles and lyrics. The band has a distinct European sound with definite vibes from Angel Witch, Diamond Head and Iron Maiden which means that these guys know their music and you cannot really go wrong if these bands have influenced your music as well as Mercyful Fate and Manilla Road. The twin guitarists create mayhem with huge riffs and towering solos and, as should be expected, the drums and bass rumble, growl and spit with real bite and venom. Christian Larson has an urgent and strident voice with a love of the odd scream or two and it takes a little time to get used to his delivery but he is ideal for the band and he most definitely sounds as though he has just got off the last train from 1980!

This is old school, traditional metal played fast, furiously, free and loud so just plug in and enjoy the ride.

Dawn Of The Serpent

  1. Run the Blade (5:44)
  2. The Serpent’s Kiss (3:32
  3. Lost in Time (2:43)
  4. Black Venom Dreams (3:39)
  5. The Neuromancer’s Curse (3:47)
  6. For Those Who Walk the Night (4:01)
  7. In Mortal Danger (3:06)
  8. Acid Rain (2:14)
  9. Electric Rite (3:38)