October 29, 2023

Feel The Heat is the fourth album by the Nottingham melodic rock band Nitrate which was formed in 2015 by guitarist and keyboard player Nick Hogg (although he seems to concentrate on bass these days) with the remit to supply superior and hard punching melodic rock with the style and glitz of Def Leppard, the immediacy of ’80s Bon Jovi and the cultured British AOR sensibilities of bands like Dare and Ten.

There have been many changes in the set up over the years with the band now featuring Hogg alongside twin guitarists Tom Martin and Richard Jacques with James Martin on keyboards, Alex Cooper on drums and the simply outstanding Swedish Alexander Strandell on vocals. Hogg is the only original member from the 2018 debut Real World with Tom and James Martin and Strandell all having featured on the excellent Renegade which came out in 2021. Obviously, Hogg likes to shake up the team to keep the sound fresh and vital which each new member always bringing something new to the mix and the current team have all combined to produce a record with the classic Nitrate sound but with a slightly more direct approach and just a touch heavier too.

If you like your AOR to have balls of steel then Nitrate is most definitely a band you seriously need to check out! There is real class in the band too with the Tom and James Martin both having been long time members of the British melodic rock band Vega and a real upswing in quality courtesy of the bombshell that is Alexander Strandell of Art Nation and Crowne fame. Check out the marvellous duet with the awesome vocalist Issa Oversveen to see a simply perfect example of synergy in action.

The music throughout is smooth, cultured and anthemic AOR with all the expected hooks and delightful melodic passages making this most definitely the best album to date by Nitrate and if this team sticks together then there are no limits to what they can achieve.

Feel The Heat

  1. Feel The Heat (4:32)
  2. All The Right Moves (3:54)
  3. Wild In The City (4:49)
  4. Needs A Little Love (4:16)
  5. One Kiss (To Save My Heart) (featuring Issa) (4:43)
  6. Live Fast, Die Young (5:15)
  7. Haven’t Got Time For Heartache (3:44)
  8. Satellite (4:36)
  9. Strike Like A Hurricane (3:48)
  10. Big Time (4:20)
  11. Stay (4:22)