July 6, 2023

Heavy with thrashing guitars from the get-go, Not A Monster escalates into an action-packed single melding elements of Rock, New Metal, Heavy Metal, and Industrial into one defiant soundscape in the same vein as greats such as Rammstein, or Rob Zombie. Heavy Industrial guitars, synthesizers, and face-paced rhythms swarm around aggressive vocals pushing thought-provoking lyrics with a deep-seated and brutal emotional response. The track explores the relationship between the press, mass media, affection, human behaviour, and disgust with the modern status quo. “I’m not the monster,” the lyrics proclaim. Maybe not, but Nitroverts can deliver like one. 

Electro-Metal duo Nitroverts, a band that never fails to deliver intense and exhilarating music, have announced their debut album Endogenous is now available for pre-order from FiXT.

Endogenous contains eleven tracks and features a collaboration with A Broken Silence. From their aggressive debut single Starting Point the duo have hit the ground running, delivering a series of singles that fuse modern metal and electronics. This album is a true testament to the band’s skillful musicianship, as they effortlessly blend together elements of punk, metal, and hard rock to create a sound that is both raw and polished. The group’s riveting vocals are courtesy of Yann Zhanchak, while guitars, electronic programming, mixing, and production are delivered by Ars NIkonov, known for his successful retro synth project Fury Weekend.

The title Endogenous refers to the internal processes that drive us, and this theme is evident throughout the album’s lyrics. With deeply intense tracks ranging from Starting Point followed up by the blistering What’s Going On, the electrifying single and fast-paced single, Alienated, the action-packed Helladrenaline, to the explosive single Where I Belong, each track exploring the human condition in all its complexity, with themes ranging from personal struggle and emotional turmoil to social injustice and political unrest. 

 If you enjoy brutal vocal performances, thrashing guitars, provocative lyrics, and action-packed tracks from start to finish Endogenous is the headbanging experience you’ve been waiting for.

What do you get when you cross the classic rock/electronic ’80s vibe of Ars Nikonov‘s Fury Weekend project with the impassioned, versatile, and high-octane vocals of Yann Zhanchak? You get Nitroverts, a hybrid electronic rock / nu-metal fusion collaboration between two Belarusian artists at the top of their game. 

 In 2021, the duo hit the ground running with their aptly named debut track Starting Point, declaring this is only the beginning and there are more great things to come in the future. Their album Endogenous is due to release mid 2023.