February 24, 2024

Ubermodo is proud to announce the forthcoming release of their new album So Very Far From Home on March 15th. This is a full length album featuring six instrumental tracks written and recorded in the last months of 2023. It mixes the melodic feel of early Camel, a hint of the pop sensibilities of Mike Oldfield and eighties It Bites and the groove-based spacey feel of Hillage, Ozric Tentacles and Hawkwind to create a proper old-fashioned listen-on-your-headphones-and-zone-out experience.

Ubermodo is the solo project of Tim Lane, the music composer guy who plays guitar, bass and keyboards in Stealing the Fire, and on this album he takes on nearly all the elements of performance and production, (including artwork), drafting in his long-time friend and collaborator Tim Dew to play drums. Says Lane “I grew up listening to all these great seventies prog bands like ELP, Yes, Genesis and all the others, but I also loved albums like Tubular Bells and Oxygene. These great melodic instrumental albums were a constant joy to me. The intention with this album is to do something similar.”

On the difference between this and his work with Stealing the Fire Lane says “Ubermodo doesn’t go in for the multiple time signatures or the changes of pace and key within the song that we use in STF; it’s more about that space rock feel, the textural shifts and the atmosphere.” 

The opening track, Warlock of the Outer Planes, takes a riff and proceeds to test just how much heavy lifting it can do in song; barring the odd bar here and there, it makes its presence felt throughout, sometimes with all instruments playing in unison, sometimes shared out to different individual instruments. “I was going for a kind of trancelike use of repetition,” explains Lane. The Title track builds from an ambient-style beginning into a big emotive finale and had its genesis in Lane’s sound design for a play called Anglian Mist which he co-wrote for The Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company it which was actually performed on the extraordinary ex-military station of Orford Ness. The Bones of Eden was inspired by Clive Barker’s description of The Empty Quarter in his book Weaveworld while Ice Dragons came from a natural history Youtube video about narwhals.

Ultimately Tim Lane, in the form of Ubermodo, hopes he has made a rousing and accomplished selection of space rock instrumentals with a strong flavour of 70s progressive sounds within a modern setting. 


Ubermodo is Tim Lane and Tim Lane is Ubermodo. Maybe, one day, it will become an actual band, in the way that Porcupine Tree did the same thing back in olden times, but for now we’re talking Tim Lane. This being said, there was once a time when Ubermodo was a Southern Rock style blues rock band but those days are gone.

Tim Lane is the composer, guitarist, bass and keyboard player with Stealing the Fire, the leader of gothic alt folk group The Punch House Band, (for whom he plays guitar and writes songs), the (sort of) musical director of Norwich-based community theatre company Crude Apache, the actual MD of The Stuff of Dreams theatre company (now sadly defunct), and a writer of songs, plays and sound designs.

He currently has four albums available on all streaming services under the name of Tim Lane including his folk rock singer/song-writer album As Sure as the Sun Rises in the East, a collection of psychedelic pop tune Uncle Lard and the Fisheye Boys and his prog-folk album Bark Against the Dogstar. He also has two other Ubermodo albums, Golem and Fanstasmes Analogiques et la Reve Numerique (a tribute to Jean-Michel Jarre). 

He has made three albums and an EP with Stealing the Fire (Hot Ice and Wondrous Strange Snow, King of Shadows, A Raven for a Dove and In Memory of an Absent Friend), on which he wrote the music, played guitar, bass and keys.

His musical influences are very broad but as a guitarist he says he owes a lot to Brian May, Jimmy Page, Steve Howe and Dave Gilmour.

His top five favourite albums are A Night at the Opera (Queen), Relayer (Yes), Physical Graffiti (Led Zeppelin), Animals (Pink Floyd) and Gotta Let This Hen Out (Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians).