January 18, 2022

Nothing Exists is the vehicle for multi-instrumentalist Alan Blaisdell from Oregon in the United States. Blaisdell is another in a long list of musicians who went to Berklee College of Music and has now released one full album and two EPs of instrumental rock music with very strong electronic influences. Swathes of keyboards and electro beats are very much to the fore with hard riffing guitars combining quite sublimely with the electronic vibes to make a rather curios yet compelling rock album that is rather unlike most other guitar/keyboard instrumental albums. I have previously heard. Blaisdell has written some very interesting tunes which he brings to live with some very inventive guitars and intoxicating keyboard rhythms with impressive drum skills driving everything forward.

Blaisdell has written, produced and played al instruments on this recording including guitar, bass, drums and keyboards and programming and shows a high level of complexity whilst retaining melody and a musical friendliness that is most pleasing. This EP is aimed somewhere between melodic metal and electro which is an interesting concept and is well worth hearing. You can hear more of what he has to offer on his website with this release being available for free download.

A Creature And Creation

  1. Radiance (2:48)
  2. Of Essence and Being (2:45)
  3. I, the Hideous Creature (2:43)
  4. Escaping Consciousness (2:20)
  5. The Descent (3:54)
  6. Beautiful Creation (3:38)
  7. Clone (5:16)
  8. Alpha Centauri (2:18)