June 1, 2022

The Navigator, due for release in 2023 Quarter 4, is Nova Cascade’s direct follow up to their 2021 critically acclaimed Back From The Brink, and is set to be the band’s most ambitious project by far to date with a production time spanning two years.

Dave Hilborne of the band explains: ‘We’ve hired a choir & are pushing ourselves like never before. To help us accomplish our vision we’ve launched our first kickstarter & are immensely excited to build upon our past success & our reputation for quality. In the coming weeks we’ll be releasing our ten minute title track to you all a flavour of what’s to come, but have way bigger up our sleeves this time around! The theme of the album is that not all journeys are physical. We are all uniquely travelling…’

Nova Cascade was formed in 2017 by Dave Hilborne (keys, voice) & Dave Fick (bass). Shortly thereafter they were joined by Charlie Bramald (flute). Eric Boulitte (guitars,violin) & Lorenzo Poliandri (drums) They have released three albums thus far – Above All Else, A Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows & Back From The Brink

Hilborne again: ‘Our aim is to constantly surprise and to challenge, whilst staying melodic and above all memorable. The aim of the band is to produce what we like to call ambient Prog’.

‘Everything is meticulously planned to take its place in the aural sculpture the band assemble like a musical house of cards’ – Velvet Thunder

‘These are highly competent and undeniably skillful musicians individually – and collectively united here together as Nova Cascade, they prove on songs like There Is Always A Way they’re a full-on force to be reckoned with by every conceivable definition – they are just pure sonic perfection, any way you slice it’ – JER@SBS 

‘Melody to die for’ – ProgArchives

‘An aural treat for tired ears’ – ProgRadar