September 26, 2021

UK prog act Novena released their debut album, Eleventh Hour, in March 2020. However, like so many fellow musicians across the globe, their plans to promote it were immediately curtailed by the pandemic and lockdown enforced that month. Ironically, a concept album about time and mortality was stopped in its tracks just as things came to a complete standstill.

Despite these restrictions, the group set to work on a series of Live From Home performances, which culminated in a Live From Home EP released in late July 2021. They are now proud to present 22 minutes of new music on an EP entitled The Stopped Clock, which will be released on 1st October. A single and video for one of its songs, a cover of Bury A Friend by Billie Eilish, is out today.

Serving as an epilogue, or perhaps a reintroduction, to their album, The Stopped Clock is a dynamic, heartfelt exploration of the collective trauma of the past year. Expect all the bombast of Eleventh Hour, focused and refined into just three tracks.

Novena are also hosting a much delayed album release show for Eleventh Hour at the Boston Music Room in north London on 30th October. Tickets for the event are on sale now.

The Stopped Clock track list

  1. The Stopped Clock
  2. Bury A Friend
  3. In Loving Memory

Also Available

Novena feature vocalists Ross Jennings (HAKEN) and Gareth Mason (Slice The Cake), guitarist Dan Thornton (ex-HAARP Machine, ex-No Sin Evades His Gaze), drummer Cameron Spence (Ravenface), bassist Moat Lowe (Slugdge, ex-NSEHG) and guitarist/keyboardist Harrison White. The group’s music moves from the profound to the profane, the fragile to the unforgiving, and from the introspective to the utterly destructive, exploring a plethora of different genres along the way. They initially established themselves on the UK and international prog scenes in 2016 with the release of the widely praised Secondary Genesis EP.

Ross Jennings – vocals
Gareth Mason – vocals
Harrison White – guitar & keyboards
Dan Thornton – guitar
Moat Lowe – bass
Cameron Spence – drums

NOVENA online: