February 13, 2020

Formed in 2014, Noveria is a progressive metal band from Italy and is made up by members of DGM, Ethernity and Epysode. The founder was guitarist Francesco Mattei and his remit was for a technically proficient and progressive band with leaning towards symphonic and even death metal. He quickly brought in like minded musicians and their impressive debut, Risen, was released in 2014 and this has set the standard for what has followed.


Further good work was done with 2016’s Forsaken but it is with the new album, Aequilibrium that the band has come of age. They have had separate themes, or concepts if you prefer, central to the albums with the latest seeming to cover redemption and renewal after devastating loss. The line-up for their debut was Andrea Arcangeli on bass, Omar Campitelli on drums, Francesco Mattei on guitar/vocals, Francesco Coriliano on vocals and Emanuele Casali on keyboards. Casali was replaced on keyboards by Julien Spreutals after the first album and this is now the team responsible for album number three. Aequilibrium is a heavy, technical and intense progressive metal delight very much in Threshold and Dream Theater territory and the Threshold reference is reinforced by the fact that Francesco Corilliano sounds remarkably like Glyn Morgan, now back in his second stint with the British progressive masters.

This is progressive metal at its best, numerous time changes, thrilling guitar and keyboard interplay, extensive solos and an incredibly powerful vocal performance. There are many great prog metal bands around at the moment and to that list we must now include this amazing Italian band.