September 2, 2019

British veterans Angel Witch are preparing the release their first new album since 2012’s “As Above, So Below”. The new album, called “Angel of Light” is expected on November 1st, via Metal Blade Records.

Angel Witch‘s 1980 eponymous debut on Bronze Records is with cult status still and now, nearly four decades later, the band remain custodians of a style that transcends era and archetype. For a preview of their upcoming record, the first single, “Don’t Turn Your Back”, can be heard at the link below.

The album can also be pre-ordered at in various formats.

Angel Witch‘s current line-up is comprised of Kevin Heybourne (vocals, lead guitar), Jimmy Martin (rhythm guitar), Will Palmer (bass), Fredrik Jansson Punkka (drums). The band comments: “It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a decade since we recorded our last album and it is so exciting for us, personally, to have another record fully finished and in the bag which reflects the passion and chemistry of the line-up we have enjoyed over the last two and a half years.”

Angel of Light track-listing

1. Don’t Turn Your Back

2. Death from Andromeda

3. We Are Damned

4. The Night is Calling

5. Condemned

6. Window of Despair

7. I am Infamy

8. Angel of Light