December 28, 2023

Now, that’s a fantastic cover artwork! I won’t be tired of pointing out that cover artwork is the first impression the potential listener gets from a certain band or album and quite often (which is a shame) some great albums pass by unnoticed because of poor artwork. The Serbian epic heavy metallers Oathbringer have been around since 2020 and Tales Of Valor is their second full length album, coming out on January 12th, through RTR Records and they surely a thing or two about what I just wrote.

The opener Morgoth set the record straight with heavy riffs, powerful and slightly gruff vocals and meat-and-potatoes heavy metal, from the classic school of early Manowar and Accept, with a touch of Dio here and there (not to mention the Tolkien-inspired lyrics). Hall Of The Slain has a fantastic chorus that you can’t avoid singing-along from the first listen, which can also be said about the first single and video Holy War. Son Of The North and Blood & Steel remind me a bit of later-period Grand Magus and the crushing closer Dragonmount has something from Judas Priest in the riff structure and heaviness. I have to specifically address the fantastic production of this album, which does these great songs justice and speaks volumes about Oathbringer’s professional attitude and devotion to their cause. Another compliment should be made about the competent and memorable guitar solos, which elevate songs such as Witch’s Hut and Arakis to a whole new level.

Oathbringer are definitely among the most talented new bands in the crowded heavy metal scene and their second really strong album coming up will cement this fact. If you like classic metal that avoids clichés, yet reminds of the genre’s greats, you may have found your new favorite band here. This is the kind of uplifting, fists-in-the-air type of epic metal that is guaranteed to attract metalheads in front of the stages worldwide. Put these battle-vests on and press “play”.


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Tales Of Valor is out on January 12th via RTR Records and you can order it by writing to Merch@rtrrecords or