December 26, 2022

Odd Crew is a rock band from Bulgaria with quite an interesting back story as the group was originally formed in 1998 with the name Kaskadiari and released three albums but in 2008 a decision was made to rename as Odd Crew. Both bands had the same line-up which they still have today with Vasko Raykov on vocals, Vasil Parvanovski on guitar, Martin Stoyanov on bass and Boyan Georgiev on drums. The group has gone on to become one of the biggest hard rock bands in Bulgaria and based on this new album it is very easy to see why they have been so successful.

The band play an intriguing mixture of thrash, doom and heavy metal with a dark, slow, brooding and bass heavy ominous delivery inspired by early Black Sabbath coupled with the more modern metal of outfits like Alter Bridge and Nickelback. Dark Matters (Pt 1) is the band’s 6th album and appears to be something of a conceptual piece as the team has apparently released videos for every track including a full-length film which has seen play in Bulgarian theatres. I’ve not seen them yet but the music on the album is good enough to ensure that investigation of the films clips is going to be worthwhile.

Vasko Raykov has a thrilling and intoxicating doom filled delivery with a flavour of Ozzy Osbourne and there are tremendous riffs and solos from Vasil Parvanovski. The bass of Martin Stoyanov and drums of Boyan Georgiev compliment the music and give it the brooding and threatening sound that suits Odd Crew so well with Stoyanov giving a remarkable and memorable performance calling to mind Geezer Butler at his most menacing.

I’ve not come across Odd Crew before but there is more than enough here to please any hardcore rock fan and if you like your music doom influenced then this is a real delight awaiting your discovery.

Dark Matters (Part 1)

  1. Morning Lights (7:44)
  2. Faith Beneath Me (5:32)
  3. The Moment (6:01)
  4. Wasted Days (4:28)
  5. In Your Brain (7:33)
  6. Walk A Mile (6:28)
  7. Farewell (6:46)
  8. Desert Skies (7:55)