February 27, 2023
Photo by Naddi Hammouda.

Live With The Shadow Orchestra is a live concert extravaganza that sees the prominent Finnish rock band One Desire performing with their compatriots Wasa Sinfonietta (The Shadow Orchestra), a symphony orchestra led by conductor Ville Mankkinen. “What makes this release special is that it is rather like watching a movie than just a regular live show,” states guitarist Jimmy Westerlund. “We really took the long road with this production.”

Filmed in the Elisa Stadium in Vaasa (west coast of Finland) in the summer of 2022, Live With The Shadow Orchestra was aired on Finnish TV in late December and is now being made available across various audio and video formats.

With a powerful vocalist in André Linman who does full justice to a range of songs that boast catchy choruses and gargantuan guitar solos, One Desire have released the internationally acclaimed studio albums One Desire and Midnight Empire and are currently recording their third.

Live With The Shadow Orchestra*

  1. Never Gonna Stop
  2. Apologize
  3. Heroes
  4. Through The Fire
  5. After You’re Gone
  6. Rio
  7. This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins
  8. Shadowman
  9. Whenever I’m Dreaming
  10. Hurt
  11. Buried Alive

* LP out 4 August 2023

DVD and Blu-ray formats bookended with ‘Intro’ and ‘Down And Dirty (credits)’
Featuring Wasa Sinfonietta Symphony Orchestra
Geir Rönning – guest vocals on 11

Produced and directed by Jimmy Westerlund & Joel Korhonen

André Linman – lead vocals, guitars
Jimmy Westerlund – guitars, vocals
Ossi Sivula – drums
Jonas Kuhlberg – bass
Johnny Nordström – keyboards, backing vocals

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