May 30, 2023

It’s been three months since the mind-blowing first single Scorched Earth was released by United States’ phenomenal new stars on the quasi-operatic metal horizon: ORYAD. Following Scorched Earth and EveBlood presents the band’s third video single that is out to not only shine for itself as another breath-taking masterpiece, but to also accompany and celebrate the release of ORYAD’s long awaited debut album Sacred & Profane which is out now.

Leveling the field via a piano intro taken from Beethoven‘s Piano Sonata Opus 10, ORYAD are pulling the listener immediately into the high epoch of classical music. And Beethoven‘s particularly dark and heavy flavor enlarges the epic opening of Blood, which was the band’s first contribution to Sacred & Profane – albeit only after going through several meticulously crafted iterations.

The intro then progresses into a modern, doom-oriented Black Metal style, adding various string elements and a guitar melody line, before a chugging guitar riff kicks in, which then leads to a heavy dragging groove accompanied by a double bass pattern on the drums.

The heavy low vibe continues throughout the verses, but leaves enough space for classically trained singer Moira Murphy‘s voice to shine on top brightly, painting a wonderful contrast. The pre-chorus section describes a consuming emptiness; it leaves just the right amount of space for the chorus to then come in with lingering guitar chord layers providing a dramatic and dark heaviness to the metamorphous song as it opens up once again. Unconventionally, right after the chorus the soloing guitar manifests a very classically constructed shred-fest and shows once more the band’s ability to work with great dynamics even within segments of the song itself.

Absolutely haunting is Moira‘s almost theatrical way of performing the second verse with a ghost-like dramatic phrasing of the lyrics, as it feeds a ceremonial vibe to the listener’s ears.

As the song continues to build with more layers of orchestral elements during the second chorus, the humongous production vents itself to a classic blast beat to set the climax of the track. Adding more vocal layers, Moira‘s high C note in the harmonies perfectly creates that weird metal opera, right before the song framing gets completed by the classical piano outro. In a nutshell, the band’s third video single Blood shows the capability of ORYAD‘s fantastic knowledge of how to build and orchestrate song dynamics in the most epic way. Visually a powerful homage to the glorious Italian Giallo cinema of the late 60s to early 70s, and to iconic directors such as Mario Bava and Dario Argento, the song should totally be checked out by fans of movie score legends Goblin, too: It’s weird, morbid, and beautiful. Dario Argento once said “I have very beautiful, interesting nightmares” – and Blood could have been born from a similar thought. Watch the eerie video below.

Sacred & Profane

  1. The Path: Part I   
  2. Scorched Earth   
  3. Blood   
  4. Lilith   
  5. Eve   
  6. Alchemy   
  7. Wayfaring Stranger   
  8. Through The Veil   
  9. Slice Of Time   
  10. The Path: Part II

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