June 9, 2024

The music business is always healthy when there is a seemingly never-ending stream of new singer-songwriters making their mark in the industry and to this list we must now add the silver voiced talents of Our Man In The Field – aka British musician Alex Ellis – who is another of those wry observers of the human condition.

Gold On The Horizon is his second album having been released in November of 2023 with his debut work being The Company Of Strangers from 2020 with both records being delicious slabs of Americana folk but with a slight British twist.

There is a pop sensibility to the sound with a pleasing jazz-folk crossover that features a variety of traditional instruments with acoustic and pedal steel to the fore. Indeed, Ellis has a knack for making it all sound so simple which is not an easy trick to pull off but he is a consummate professional and has made an album that once heard is never to be forgotten.

Ellis has the song writing talents of Paul Simon allied with the easy delivery of artists like Tom Odell which makes this an Americana pop crossover delight that washes over you with joy and ensures that you contemplate in depth on his take on life that has been very much influenced on health issues affecting him and his family. Indeed, there is no doubt that suffering is good for the muse of singer songwriters even if it causes pain and confusion at the time!

The album has deservedly been picking up lots of airplay and garnering rave reviews which is hardly surprising as Gold On The Horizon is another of those fabulous records that allows a glimpse into the soul of Alex Ellis and your own as well and that is the real triumph.

Gold On The Horizon

  1. Feel Good (4:10)
  2. Come Back To Me (4:06)
  3. L’Etranger (4:10)
  4. Silver Linings (3:53)
  5. Great White Hope (4:36)
  6. Go Easy (4:30)
  7. Glad to See You (4:56)
  8. Last Dance (4:04)
  9. How Long (5:01)
  10. Road Interlude (1:18)
  11. Long Forgotten (3:51)