October 2, 2020

Nu-Core is the genre on the tip of everyone’s tongue right now (honest!), and Pennsylvanian outfit Tallah are leading the charge. Fronted by Justin Bonitz, whose versatile and unhinged vocals have attracted much attention, and backed by second generation drummer Max Portnoy, the two musicians have combined musical and artistic influences to create a 13 track nu-metal-meets-hardcore opus that is set to win the title of ‘Album of the Year’.

Tallah have further cemented their reputation as the band to Make Metal Disturbing Again, and having recently amassed over 1 million plays on Spotify, have now unleashed the album in full. Thematically, Justin has revealed over the course of a series of concept videos that Tallah’s album is about psychological and physical abuse, self-mutilation, cannibalism and imprisonment in one’s self.

 “Matriphagy is a concept album about how an overprotective mother pushes her son to the edge of insanity through psychological and physical abuse. Having spent two decades trapped inside a glorified prison, and after some failed rescue/escape attempts, the son, in a state of heavy delirium, does the unforgivable to free himself from his mother’s wicked hold.”

Pennsylvanian Nu-Core stars Tallah have finally unshackled their disturbing and twisted debut album ‘Matriphagy’. 

The album is OUT NOW via Earache Records and can be purchased from the Earache Records store, and streamed on all DSP’s.

Horror fans take note: Tallah performed the 13 track opus last night in Pennsylvania’s Willow Glen State Penitentiary, also known as Prison Of The Dead, a suitably macabre setting for Matriphagy‘s spine-chilling concept (the tale of an overprotective mother meeting a grisly end after pushing her son to the edge of insanity via extreme incarceration and abuse).

The stream is available to rewatch on Hate5Six’s Youtube channel, after a premiere over at Knotfest.

Watch the live performance at THIS LOCATION.


TALLAH takes nu-metal to gruesome new heights on Matriphagy with its unsettling lyrical themes and crushing breakdowns.”
Distorted Sound

“This is the most explosive, disturbing and genuinely exciting debut album in the last decade.”
Rock Sins – 9/10

“Nu Metal is shaping up as the most influential sound of 2020 and Tallah are here to prove it”
Metal Hammer

“Strong Slipknot vibes! Fresh talent: an unnerving display of sonic/visual art”
Guitar World

“Creepy, hyper-kinetic and unhinged… A simultaneous love for modern metallic hardcore leaders like Code Orange, Vein and Candy and Nu Metal era favourites like Slipknot, Korn and Linkin Park”
– Revolver

“Tallah is chaos! A total trip, it fits right in with modern metal titans like Code Orange, Vein and Candy.”
– Metal Injection