October 9, 2020

This album was released in 2019 and was sent for review in the very early days of the website and was initially missed for which we give apologies. Out Of Order is a German speed/thrash metal band which was founded in 1991 but seems to have been so far underground that the band forgot about releasing music with Facing The Ruin being only the third album in nearly thirty years, this is not a prolific group!

There have been some changes too with the line-up for this release being Thomas Bauer and Sven Mittelstaedt on guitars, Thorsten Braun on vocals, Thomas Heinzmann on bass and Michael Kapelle on drums. Facing The Ruin is a hard and aggressive thrash album which is very much influenced by the ’80s Bay Area scene. There is enough melody to keep your attention but the main theme is aggression and in your face lyrics which Braun spits out with so much feeling and wanton violence. The songs are disturbing and conjure up visions of war, death and disease with major use of sound clips and effects. It’s not an easy journey by any means but the band givers everything that it has and then more. Facing The Ruin looks at the underbelly of the world and doesn’t really likes what it sees and most certainly let’s you know about it. The guitars are unrelenting and hit you with wave after riff and some amazingly killer solos over which Braun delivers a fine vocal performance even if it is rather chilling in intensity and anger. Some pretty big names were brought in to help on recording and mixing with Ralph Scheepers working on vocal recording and Markus Ullrich on guitar recordings. There is also a perfect moment of clarity and almost beauty with the track On The Rise which sees a guest appearance from Liv Kristine (Theatre Of Tragedy/ex-Leaves’ Eyes) which gives a rare respite before the carnage begins again and the band slip into Judas Priest mode.

If you crave unrelenting and uncompromising thrash with a difference then Out Of Order should prove most interesting.

Facing The Ruin track list

  1. Watching You (4:36)
  2. Self Deception (3:38)
  3. What For (4:25)
  4. The Sniper (4:56)
  5. Guilty (5:08)
  6. Tears (5:21)
  7. God Is Angry (6:01)
  8. On the Rise (6:33)
  9. Blood Vengeance (4:21)
  10. Apocalypse (5:23)